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Muhaddith Program

A great program that increases the student's knowledge of Hadith.

Mastering the Sciences of Hadith



With the grace and mercy of Allah, Darul Uloom Online is now able to offer a world-class opportunity to study Uloomul Hadith through its newly developed “The Muhadith program.”

This course aims at taking the entry level student who has an elementary understanding of Hadith sciences to a complete level of mastery over the various sciences of Hadith. The program is aimed at making those individuals who are looking to specialise in or gain proficiency in the sciences connected to Hadith into skilled and well versed practitioners of Hadith. The two-year course will take you through a detailed coverage of all of the branches that surround Uloomul Hadith using some of the most renowned contemporary and classical books authored on the subject.

The instructor:

Allamah Dr. Mufti Professor Muhammad Abul Layth al Khayrabadi:

Perhaps the most appealing feature of this program is that it will be taught by one of the world’s leading scholars of Hadith of our era, Al Allamah Muhammad Abul Layth al Khayrabadi who is universally hailed as the most learned scholar of Hadith across the entire Malaysian, Indonesian, Brunei and Singaporian region. He is a student of Mufti Mahmudul Hassan, Diya’ul Rahman al Adhami, Fakhrul Din al Muradabadi and others and has been teaching Hadith and its sciences for over 35 years now 20 of which were served as the most senior professor of Hadith at the international Islamic university of Malaysia. He is the proud author of over 22 books and 30 risalaat most of which discuss the subject of Hadith and its sciences and is a teacher of over 10,000 students world-wide to date.

Dr. Mufti Yasir Nadim al Wajidi:


Being one of the prominent students of Dr. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi, Mufti Ni’matullah al Adhami, Mufti Sa’id Ahmad Palanpuri, Al Muhadith Yunus Jawnfuri and countless others, Dr. Mufti Yasir Nadim has come to be respected as a talented specialist of hadith in the Western world in his own right. After graduating from Darul Ulum Deoband and completing his Iftaa’ program, Dr. Mufti Yasir Nadim proceeded to complete his masters in Arabic literature and then went on to intensively study Hadith in the Islamic University of Malaysia for two years. After completing his Phd in Hadith under the supervision of Prof. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi, he settled in America and founded Darul Uloom Online and other institutions and has been teaching Hadith, Fiqh, Qur’an, Iftaa’ and other sciences for over a decade now. He has published more than 100 research papers, close to a dozen books in the Arabic and Urdu language and has taught countless classical works now to hundreds of students world-wide.


Course structure:

The course is divided into two sessions and each session will be one year long making the full course a two-year specialisation program.

Year 1 will look at the following elements:


  • Intimately studying the definitions and concepts in Mustalahul Hadith: This study will be guided by Dr. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi’s own textbook; Ilmul Hadith Aseeluha wa Mu’asiruha, a masterpiece written in the sciences of hadith covering some topics which have never been discussed before in previous works and Nurul Din Itr’s well renowned Manhajul Naqd. Frequent reference to other classical texts in Uloomul Hadith will also be made such as Tawdihul Afkar, Tadribul Rawi etc.


  • The history, background and codification of Hadith and its sciences: This element of the course will look at how ahadith were codified and preserved and the rigorous processes that were involved in guaranteeing the authenticity in the corpus of ahadith which Muslims proudly boast of today.


Year 2 will focus on sharpening the knowledge that was taught in the first year through its practical application and developing an aptitude in the science to become a real practitioner of Hadith. This year will emphasise applying the theory that was taught in year 1 onto the various fields and sub-sciences of Hadith to develop a practical, working and applied understanding of the principles. The aim of this year is to develop a practical understanding of Uloomul Hadith and become a skilled practitioner of the hadith sciences, particularly in researching chains, analysing authenticity, determining strength, scrutinising narrators, comparing narrations and making independent judgments on the strength of ahadith. This will be done through the following means:


  • Ilmul Takhreej: Students will study Dr. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi’s priceless work on Takhrijul Hadith and apply the principles taught therein to the classical books of Al Asma’ul Rijaal, Takhrij and Tareekh. This will enable students to acquire the skill of deeply researching the status of narrators under their biographical entries across the relied upon books of Jarh wa Ta’dil, Ilal and Tarikh. This science and study will also train students in identifying all of the chains of a particular Hadith, collecting them together and analysing their chains to make independent determinations on discussions about its authenticity, connectivity, shared strength and other such factors.


  • Al Jarh wal Ta’dil: Students will, under the instruction and guidance of Dr. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi’s 25+ years of experience in practising this science, be taught how to interpret, understand, judge, critique and reconcile varying judgements casted upon the hadith narrators by the early Imams of this field like Ibn Ma’in, Al Nasa’i, Ibnul Mahdi and others. Students will be trained in being able to identify which Nuqqaad (narrator critics) are relied upon and when/when not and thereafter, be able to apply this knowledge to intimate discussions in classical and contemporary texts on the acceptance or rejection of ahadith based on particular narrators in the chain.


  • Ilalul Hadith: Being the most intricate and difficult branch of Uloomul Hadith, students will be trained in identifying the types of hidden and subtle defects that are found within the chains and texts of ahadith which impair the authenticity of those ahadith. Students will be introduced to the key books that were authored in this field and be shown abundant examples of hidden defects in ahadith which only a handful of masters of this science have been able to identify and appreciate.


* PDF copies of all books will be provided




There are only two pre-requisites to this course:


  • An ability to read and listen in the Arabic language will be necessary as Dr. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi will only be teaching in Arabic. Furthermore, all of the textbooks which are going to be studied and referred to are in Arabic
  • An existing basic level of knowledge of Mustalahul Hadith will be helpful but is not required as the whole subject will be covered thoroughly from the beginning right to its end




The course will cost 300 USD every 4 months per student. The more students we have however, the cheaper the course can become so please spread the word! The fees will need to paid up-front however to guarantee commitment from the students and a steady salary for the respected teacher. Please contact us personally if this is not possible and we may be able to come to individual agreements after consulting the administration and Dr. Abul Layth.




The course will be held for four hours a week of contact hours in class with homework set each week by the respected Shaykh. The timings will be decided as a class according to whatever suits all of the students and every lesson will be recorded for those students who could not attend live or want to revise




Students who successfully complete this two-year program will be awarded with specific Ijaazat licensing the student teach the books that Dr. Abul Layth al Khayrabadi has authored and a Shahadah (a general scholarly certificate) in Hadith certifying that the student has graduated in Hadith studies under the close supervision and instruction of Dr. Abul Layth and is now permitted to teach this science to others



Course Fee : $25 – $85


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