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| Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 What is Darul Uloom Online?

Answer: Darul Uloom Online is an Islamic institution based on Hanafi School of thought that is imparting Islamic education world-wide by the means of information technology and internet.

Q. 2 What are the offered courses?

Answer: At present, we are offering; Alim / Alimah Program (Full Time): Duration 5 years, Alim / Alimah Program (Part Time): Duration 2 years, Arabic Intensive Program: Duration 2 years and Dawrah Program: Duration 1 year.

Q. 3 What is the entry age and eligibility to get admission at Darul Uloom Online?

Answer: The eligibility to get admission in Alim / Alimah program (Full Time or Part Time) and Arabic Intensive Program is that student should be able to read Quran in Arabic, however, Arabic language understanding (by meaning) is not a desired eligibility.  If a student has studied earlier, we would be required detail of last attended Madarsa / Islamic institution and covered syllabus / books to judge student’s academic standard.

Q. 4 How to register for admission in Darul Uloom Online?

Answer: You can register with us by following the link http://www.darululoomonline.org/moodle29/login/index.php . After your successful  registration, please write us an email confirming your registered email address. We will enroll you manually in the concerned course program.

Q. 5 What are the fee of different course program offered by Darul Uloom Online?

Answer: The fee detail is available on the official website of Darul Uloom Online. You can pay the course fee, the applicable links are available on https://www.darululoomonline.org/tuition-and-fees/.

Q. 6 What is class schedule of Darul Uloon Online?

Answer: The academic year of Darul Uloom Online has fall and spring semester and for each semester the class schedule is updated on the link https://www.darululoomonline.org/class-schedule/ .

Q. 7 How the classes are taught in Darul Uloom Online?

Answer: Darul Uloom Online offers virtual / live classes to its students with the world-renowned Islamic scholars. The classes are live-recorded and student can access anytime anywhere across the world.  If the student could not attend the class on schedule time then the student can cover through stored database of classes.

Q. 8 What is the annual academic planning of Darul Uloom Online?

Answer: Darul Uloom Online follows an advanced planning each year which has descriptive detail of all academic events in terms of academic calendar, you may please refer to the link  http://www.darululoomonline.org/academic-calendar/ .

Q. 9 Does Darul Uloom Online issues a certificate on course completion?

Answer: Yes, Darul Uloom Online issues a certificate after the completion of the course.

Q. 10 How to contact Darul Uloom Online for help and support?

Answer: For help & support, you can write us at admin@darululoomonline.org or call us at +1 224-400-0203.