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Moulana Talha Qasmi

Moualna Mohammad Talha Barnie Al Qasmie was born in a religious family originating from the  village of Jahangirabad in the city Bulandsheher in India. His first teacher of his basic education in Islam and Urdu  was his mother. He was five years old when he started elementary school. After two years he insisted to his parents to join the Islamic School to memorize the Holy Quran. He joined his two brothers who were already enrolled at the school.
He memorized the Quran in almost a year and he had also mastered the Urdu language by then. Allah swt then blessed him with the wonderful opportunity  to become a student at Darul Uloom Deoband, one of the greatest  place of Islamic Sciences in the Indian subcontinent. He enrolled in Jamia al Shaikh Husain Ahmad al Madani and learned Persian, Hindi and Arabic.
The year after marked the beginning of one of the most important phases of his education. By the grace of Allah swt, he was accepted in one of the greatest universities of Islamic Sciences in India, Islamic University “Darululoom Deoband”.
After the completion of his Fadila course of 8 years from this prestigious university in the year 2011,  he was accepted intakmeel al adab al arabie  in 2012. In  that year, he was also accepted into the Bachelors program from the  famous Indian university, Jamia Millia Islamia.
In 2013, he was accepted into the Takassus fee al adab al arabie in Darululoom Deoband. In 2014, he enrolled in the Ifta program of Darululoom and also completed his bachelors that year from Jamia Islamia Delhi.

After having spend almost 11 years, Moulana Talha enrolled in the Dehli University for a Master’s degree in Arabic. He is currently finishing his Masters there.