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Moulana Zaid Ahmad

Sheikh Syed Zaid bin Haroon was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. He completed his memorization of Al-Quran at the age of 14 at Madressah Al-Hameed under Moulana Rafiqul Islam An-Nadawi.  He then travelled to Houston,Texas to spend a year in the service of Mufti Akbar Saleem An-Nadawi for Tarbiya and Quranic revision.

Sheikh Zaid has always had a passion to seek knowledge that would draw him closer to his Rabb Allah (azza wa jalla). After graduating high school, he traveled to New York to study at Darul Uloom New York. There he benefitted immensely from great teachers such as Moulana Suhail, Moulana Mikaeel, Moulana Yameen, and Hazrat ji Moulana Ajaz saab.

During his stay at Darul Uloom, Allah (swt) tested Shaikh Zaid with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L). He had to undergo four years of chemo therapy treatment in New Orleans.

After completing his medical treatment and through the fadhl of Allah (swt), Sheikh Zaid continued his studies with the same passion he had before.  He travelled to Chicago and was fortunate enough to have training under Mufti Minhajudden Ahmed and Mufti Ehzaz Ejmeri.

Sheikh Zaid has been involved in the work of Dawah since childhood.  He is currently studying at the Institute of Islamic Education (I.I.E) learning under great personalities such as Moulana Ubaidullah Saleem, Moulana Suleyman Saleem, Dr. Mufti Yasser Nadeem Wajidi, and Hazrat Moulana Abdullah Saleem. He is also teaching part time at Darululoomonline.org and intends to continue learning and teaching for as long as Allah (swt) wills.