Assalam Alykum

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Diploma in Islamic Studies

Duration: 02 Years
Eligibility: Students must be able to read Al-Quran in Arabic, however, the Arabic understanding is not a desired eligibility.
Teaching Hours: This is part time program, students are expected to attend classes 7-9 hours per week.
Credit Hours: 40 

Specially Offered Subjects

  • Arabic Grammar
  • Arabic Morphology
  • Quranic Exegesis
  • Islamic Jurisprudence

Fee Structure

Registration Fee

Registration Fee is $150.
You may please pay here CLICK HERE

The registration fee is applicable to the new students.

Semester Fee is $569.
You may please pay here CLICK HERE

Note: There are two semesters in an academic year. Darul Uloom Online accepts all major Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Paypal. After fee payment, please send fee payment receipt(s) on