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Burhan Academy

Burhan Academy
For Research and Training

The Ulama are the assets of the Ummah and inheritors of the prophetic legacy. They are the manifestation of the Hadith, “a group from my Ummah will always be upon Haq.” We are fortunate to have many Madrasas in western countries that produce Ulama and the religious leadership. Homegrown Ulama can develop a better understanding of social issues and are best suited to have practical solutions for local challenges. Today, western thought and its byproducts have posed a challenge to the Muslim community around the world thanks to the white man’s burden. The post-colonialist mindset deems itself superior and considers every idea different from it backward. Humanism, Secularism, Liberalism, Feminism, Scientism, etc., cause many people to have doubts about Islamic tenets and rulings. When the confusion is not cleared, some of them turn agnostic or atheist.

Progressivism is not a new trend. Our great Ulama have already confronted it with strong rebuttals in the past. Ghazali, Razi, Taftazani, Ibn Taymiyah, Shah Waliullah, Qasim Nanutwi and their likes are known for their scholarly works against progressivism and atheism. Mastering the established rational interpretations of Islamic tenets and rulings, and doing so in today’s language, is the need of the hour for our young scholars and graduates of Madrasas. And it is almost impossible to fulfill this task in its right manner without connecting ourselves with and exploring the discourses of some of the pious predecessors.

Understanding the root causes of social challenges is another essential task. Atheism, for example, is an area that requires some additional attention from our young scholars. It cannot be effectively refuted if its cause is not diagnosed. If the stones of this field are left unturned, they might seem as attractive as gems.

The Ulama have to be trained in Aqidah and Islamic thought with special focus on some of the western values and principles. The trend of the modern age dictates that certain byproducts of western thought are to be considered sacred and unquestionable and that all people are expected to blindly adhere to them and judge their own belief systems accordingly. If the latter disagrees with the former, the latter has to change to be harmonized with the supposedly superior idea. However, no man-made system should demand an amendment in the divine law. The Islamic way of life is consistent and relies upon firm and fair principles. Contrary to it, all man-made systems are inconsistent and have no firm foundation. It becomes Ulama’s responsibility to learn how western thought is as weak as a spider’s web.

Burhan Academy is here to fulfill all these needs. With its two year training program for Ulama and its research publications for all, Burhan Academy aims to produce a team of scholars who are well-grounded in the rational understanding of Islamic tenets and rulings and who will be true leaders of the community. Both in the field of Dawah to non-Muslims and apostates, as well in the field of presenting Islam unapologetically to the world using the current tools, Burhan Academy graduates will be able to work with confidence and without feelings of hesitation holding them back.

With daily 2.5-hour live online classes from Monday thru Thursday, Ulama with their existing responsibilities can also join this specialization course. Under the leadership and direct instruction of Dr. Mufti Yasir Nadeem al Wajidi, this program has a unique curriculum which enables students to explore the scholarly works of some of the great Ulama who firmly stood up and held their ground to refute the Batil (falsehood) and were successfully able to make a positive impact on the Ummah.

Curriculum for Burhan Academy’s Specialization in Aqidah and Islamic Thought

First Year

Principal texts studied in-depth through live instruction:

Hujjat Allah al Baligha (The science of Islamic legal reasoning)
al Budur al Bazigha (Formation of Islamic society)
al Insaf fi Ma’rifat al Ikhtilaf (Difference vs. Division)
Dar’ Ta’arudh al Aql wan Naql (No clash between logic and revelation)
Muqaddama Ibn Khaldun Vol. 1 (The Philosophy of History)
Principles of Takfir

Supervised study with student presentations on selected books in the following subject areas:

Islamic History
Introduction to Ilm al Kalam
Democracy and Morality
Islam, Politics and Modernity
Philosophy of Science
The fall of Christianity
The Philosophy of Qasim Nanutwi

Second Year

Principal texts studied in-depth through live instruction:

al Tafhimat al Illahiyyah (The Philosophy of Shah Waliullah)
al Mabahith al Mashriqiyyah (The Philosophy of Imam Razi)
Kitab al Arab’in fi Usul al Din (The Philosophy of Imam Ghazali)
Dar’ Ta’arudh al Aql wan Naql
Muqaddam Ibn Khaldun Vol. 2

Supervised study with student presentations on selected books in the following subject areas:

Islamic History
Miracles of the Quran
Liberalism and Secularism
Qur’anic Hermeneutics

Fee Structure 

Monthly Fee is $150.
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Class Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Four days a week)

Time: 2.15 pm – 4.45 pm

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